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Discovering the coves of crystal clear water in the south of Mallorca from the land or from the sea is simply unique.​​​​​

Flavors of the island

Flavors of the island

It is said that a lot can be known about a place through its cuisine. So in this article, we encourage you to delve into the flavours of the island to discover its traditions.

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Mallorca from the sea

Mallorca from the sea

Discovering the crystal-clear coves in the south of Mallorca, from land or from the sea, is always a surprising pleasure.

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Villages and corners

Villages and corners

The authentic Mallorca is in the south of the island, with its laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, its nature and its local traditions.

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Getaway plan

Stay at Hotel Honucai and complete the getaway with a memorable dinner at our Salicornia
restaurant, a place of authentic flavours and leading cuisine in fresh fish and seafood dishes.